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For example, it may challenge the interpretation of the resolution, the factual and analytical foundations of the case, or the underlying assumptions of the affirmative's claims. When debaters refer to any public information, they should be prepared to provide, upon request, complete source documentation to the opposing team and to the judge. Each debate team is composed of three individuals who will speak in the roles they announce at the start of the debate.A team's documentation of cited material must be complete enough for the opposing team and the judge to locate the information on their own. Students should cite arguments and statistics truthfully, and never fabricate sources or data. Debaters may change their role in the debate from round to round.The first one involves two teams of three speakers each, while the second – two teams of two speakers (the British Parliamentary format has four teams of two speakers). The Policy Format (team debate with two sides)Currently associated in the U. with high school and collegiate policy debate, this format has the advantage of strict equality: every speaker gets exactly the same amount of speaking and questioning time as any other. The basic case for the proposition is laid out in the first affirmative constructive, and a case against the proposition, combined with a refutation of the affirmative’s case, is provided in the first negative constructive.On the other hand, at least if used with thetournament time limits listed below, this format can make for a fairly long debate – as much as two hours if the standard allotment of preparation time is used.9 min. Questioning of first affirmative speaker (by second negative speaker)9 min. Questioning of first negative speaker (by first affirmative speaker)9 min. Questioning of second affirmative speaker (by first negative speaker)9 min. Questioning of second negative speaker (by second affirmative speaker)6 min. The following two speeches develop and extend those arguments and continue the refutation of the other side.There are number of debate formats, allowing a different approach to debated subject and involving a different number of participants.The two most popular formats include a Karl Popper debate format And Parliamentary debate format (, American and British) others includes; Policy debate format, Lincoln Douglas debate format, The ‘Town Hall’ Format, A ‘Quick Debate’ Format, A Three-Way Debate and A Running format as well as the Nigerian format.Although later affirmative speakers may repeat points and expand on them later in the debate, the first affirmative speaker must present the entirety of his or her teams’ case, including whatever criteria or definitions the team views as instrumental. First Negative Cross-Examination The two debaters are expected to face the audience (as opposed to each other).The negative debater is expected to ask questions rather than make speeches.

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This time is not scheduled in any particular place in the speaking order, but is instead taken at the discretion of each team, in whatever amounts the team desires, prior to a cross examination or an upcoming speech. Each speech and each questioning period has a specific purpose. Affirmative Constructive (1A) In this speech, the affirmative team is expected to offer its complete argument in favor of the resolution.Cases of intellectual dishonesty are the sole exception: in these cases, a Tournament Director may reverse a decision, provided that the reversal takes place prior to the scheduled start of the next round.