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So what do you do with one of the big snappers like that?Have it scaled and cleaned at the market, with dorsal and pectoral fins cut off but the tail fin and the head left on.Today there are those who are interested in us forgetting the early hours of the evening of January 9, 1964, which forever marked – as a nation without distinction – the Panamanians. The blood, the sweat and the tears that were shed then have not been and cannot be forgotten.Thus the memory of Ascanio Arosemena, Maritza Avila Alabrca, Luis Bonilla, José del Cid Cobos, Teófilo Belisario de la Torre, Gonzalo A. Garibaldo, Jose Enrique Gil, Ezequiel Meneses Gonzalez, Victor M.We must revive the indignation and with it our values.Therefore we must go tomorrow, Tuesday the 9th at 9 in the morning, to the Cinta Costera so that our martyrs know, that now is the time when their presence is reborn.When the second side of the fish is about done, top it with the things you have just stir fried, broil just a bit more, and then serve.

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Then at various shrines, the government and its personalities and parties and prestigious families made their annual gestures, making their claim of exclusive dibs on an event with which they and their parties had nothing much to do.

Now is the time to repudiate the Ali Babas, and give them civil death for their pretensions.

It was easy enough to deduce, given that Torrijos was already known to do business with foreign mobsters — the Genovese Family — and surely knew what Odebrecht’s long-standing reputation was.

There were Che Guevara t-shirts and crucifixes and stars of David.

There were rastas in dreadlocks and Orthodox Jews in black hats and Muslims wearing kufi caps. But then came the common expressions of faith, as the crowd sang El Himno Istmeño and El Tambor de Alegría.It was Panamanians who despite all differences expressed a common belief that we should demand better, a common sense of justice in the face of all the sneers and fatalistic apathy.